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About Robert Szarek Owner / Executive Producer LiveParanormal.com

Short Bio:

Rob Szarek is a paranormal investigator, the Owner of LiveParanormal.com social community, all accompanying LiveParanormal interactive radio and video broadcasting sites, and the Promoter of the Paranormal Super Con convention series.
Rob travels around the country investigating paranormal claims and speaking at various genre based conventions and national pop culture shows (Wizard World Comic Cons). He has appeared in major publications, internet & terrestrial radio, and on both local and national television highlighted by: The NBC and CBS Morning shows, The Anderson Cooper Show, The Dead Explorer Series, Existence Unknown (Roku) & will be featured on multiple upcoming documentaries & filming of a paranormal based TV show

Robert's Start in the Paranormal:

Robert has been interested in the paranormal from a young age and comes from a family that openly embraces the paranormal and paranormal activity. While attending Ohio University in the late1990's he was able to do numerous paranormal investigations (where he had his first true paranormal experience) and attend many paranormal based discussion groups. Robert got his start in the paranormal in 2004 with his own news site with contributing columns submitted by leading paranormal researchers.  In late 2008 Robert expanded his news site with the launched the LiveParanormal.com community and hasn't looked back since!

"My main goal with liveparanormal.com is to share my passion of the paranormal with the world and offer a secure place for people to have open discussions about the paranormal with like minded people" -Robert Szarek




Rob Szarek speaks to "packed house" at comic con!


Robert Lives in Cleveland Ohio with his Wife and four kids