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Facebook LIVE (Top 300 World wide) Stream Sponsor.

Sponsor a live ghost hunt with TV

Now is your chance to be a presenting sponsor of one of our top 300 world wide Facebook live streaming ghost hunts!

This option is open to anyone looking for additional advertising exposure or to simply help the crew maintain these high quality streams from various locations around the country. We have been contacted by numerous companies, paranormal teams, and individuals looking for information on how to be involved with our productions.

Single live stream stats:

  • We regularly reach over 1 million people per stream.
  • Single streams have reach over 350,000 viewers
  • We regularly trend as a top 3 stream when live

Option #1 TITLE SPONSOR.   Have your name listed as the sponsor of the stream in the title.

Business:  $40

Paranormal Team / Individual $30

Option #2 SPONSOR MENTION.  Have your name mentioned LIVE “on air” at the start of our stream.

Business Mention $15

(includes URL of business or business page)

Paranormal Team / Individual Mention $10

(includes team website mention or page)

Next streams open for sponsors:

Live Ghost Hunt 4/27  Keighley Mansion

Live Static Cam Stream 4/28  Keighley Mansion

Sponsor us now!  Also please drop us an email with exact name being read or posted.

Title Sponsor Business $40


Title Sponsor Individual $30


Business Mention $15


Individual Mention $10