Become The NEXT Internet Radio Super Star!
Having your own radio show / podcast has never been easier with the Broadcasting Company (Broadcasting since 2008). We are a series of networks that utilize genre specific traffic in conjunction with main stream broadcasting platforms to fully optimize your shows potential audience reach.

The Power of Talk Radio / Podcasting
Podcasting and live radio is the single easiest promotional tool on the internet! Draw in an immediate audience and boost your exposure.
You will tap into an audience you never imagine capable!

The time is now to host with us! We have recently acquired some of the biggest domain names and former radio platforms that will now be available to all of our host. We are currently blending all of these networks into one large functioning broadcasting powerhouse!
Broadcasting Company Networks (Main) Yes, we now own!!

Why host with us:
This is simple… Power in numbers. You will reach all of our genre specific traffic and your show will be indexed on all main stream broadcasting platform partners. We offer the most “bang for your buck” and time! All shows will air LIVE and be assigned a dedicated time slot to release new content!

Main Site traffic:
Our main site traffic averages over 4,000,000 page views per month. We have been a functioning network and social center since 2008. We have had over 1,500,000 different registered users checking out our live shows and currently have over 100,000+ active community members., 140,000 email list profiles, and 400,000 pages of content!

70,000 + Facebook Followers & Likes. We are a top 300 facebook live streaming page with 100% REAL likes and followers
20,000 + Twitter followers

You get full use of our databases, social posts, & gene specific marketing. We hit your genre perfectly!

What the host will be provided with:
*Dedicated show page
*Dedicated news room for press releases & easy archiving
*Custom designed banner
*Social Media Promotions
*Additional podcast plays on “classics”
Our system can handle the new show host with limited equipment to the Pro broadcaster! We use a “virtual” dashboard system to host all shows. You simply need to log in to have the complete system at your finger tips. Broadcasts can be produced via HD Direct connect, Skype, Or a simple phone / cell phone. Hosts can have a maximum of six co hosts or guests on the line at one time and can have over 500 callers on hold.

Each show host will be properly trained and provided a tutorial and LIVE help. The average time to learn the system and be up and running is 10 minutes or less!

Radio Show Syndicates
iHeartRadio, Apple iTunes, Stitcher,, Spreaker,,, (Spanish),, Tune-ini, Blog Talk Radio,

Press Release Partners
Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Delicous, BlinkList, NewsVine, Redidit, Slashdot, StumbleUpon, TechnoRati

*Podcasters do own the rights to your show. You can put your podcast archives on your personal web sites.

*Guests are allowed and welcomed

*You can pre-record a live show if needed

*You are required to play our introduction and our middle ad break.

*You are required to have two mentions of station, show topic, and our guest.

*You may sell advertising. Hosts maintain a 50/50 split on advertising commercials and web page banners.during your show at a 50/50 network split. (Additional packages are available for 100% ad revenue)

We currently have both LIVE Radio and Pre-recorded options.
Show length 52 minutes. Rates are per hour

* 1 Show per month $10.00 (Monthly)
* 2 Shows per month $19.99 (Bi-Weekly)
* 4 Shows per month $34.99 (Weekly)

We do require a written paragraph proposal with a very general outline of what you would like to accomplish / talk about with a radio show. Also a brief outline of why you feel you are our next radio host!

We stress no previous radio experience is required! We seek passionate and knowledgeable people

Email us at with your outline and any questions!