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Time: Every Other Wed Night 9pm est *Channel 2
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About the Host:
After spending most of my adult life in the world of Information Technologies, I have recently embarked on a new career path as an actor and stand-up comic. I have appeared in about 30 film projects, so far. While my primary goal, now, is to become successful as an actor, I still take on some IT-related work, too, and have started producing independent films under SAG low-budget agreements. I am always looking for new film projects and for investors to help fund those film projects -- call me if you are interested.

Personality-wise, I am a gregarious Renaissance man. I consider myself a poet and a pirate, a scholar and a scoundrel, a life-long adventurer and a vagabond.

I am an optimist by nature. I am, at times, a fool and at other times a philosopher. I try to be engaging and make those around me smile, whenever possible.

I would rather that my friendship be remembered as a "blessing" than a "blight". .


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