Penetrating the Veil

Host: Dave Haynie, Jim Wyrick, & KSPS Crew

Time: Thursday 8pm est –Bi- Weekly

Penetrating the Veil with Keystone State Paranormal Society is a 1 hour journey into the paranormal realm. Each broadcast, KSPS will discuss the paranormal and related subject matter. This will include recently completed or upcoming scheduled investigations, paranormal events that we will be appearing at, the evidence we recovered at these investigations through the use of our equipment and the abilities of our sensitive team members, and other subject matter that has been of interest in the paranormal field. We often have call in or onsite guests to discuss their experiences with the paranormal, their respective teams and evidence they have captured on investigations, psychics and other sensitives discussing their gifts and how they use them to assist spirit and the living alike and friends in the filed promoting paranormal events for charity. Guests will vary to include authors, investigators and researchers. We also discuss the equipment used by numerous investigators to assist in the collection of evidence, techniques employed by different investigators as well as the metaphysical side to paranormal investigation. We delve in depth on the subject of crystals, minerals and elements to assist investigators with protection, energizing and heightening their spiritual awareness to better communicate with spirit. Discussions of the ITC, video capabilities and the history of the field are interwoven within the show subject matter to give a more detailed experience. Listener participation is welcomed through the use of specialized chat rooms and call in capabilities.