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Limited: Get the VIP Treatment              10/30: Kids....Bring your parents for Trick or Treat


Vending area & Speaking Rooms

Open Hours

10/29  11am-8pm

10/30  10 am-5pm

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Speaker / Lecture Rooms

10/29 Speaking Schedule 2106 Super Con

Room B
11:30am :  Fandom / Cosplay Q&A
12:15pm: Comic Artists SUPER Panel:  Steve Geirger - Comic Artists Marvel / The Evilgeiger Empire & Philo Barnhart - The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Rescuers Down Under, The Secret of NIMH, Happily Ever After, An American Tail, and special effects for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
1:15pm C2D1 Haunting - Please Talk With Me Screaning Q&A Chris DiCesare
3pm: Breaking Darkness Premier Pre Production Screening!! Q&A
4:15pm est: FACE OFF / Special Effects / Make Up Artists Panel
5:15pm est: Yes, No Goodbye Screening
6:15pm Emir Kalonja / Sean Patrick Fox Trot Productions (Horror)
7:15pm Paranormal Man Mike Stevenson
8:00 pm Ron Bonk The State of the Dead Screening

Room C
11:45am Paranormal Ghost Hunting 101 Panel. Learn the ins and outs of Ghost Hunting EVPS, Tri-C, & Brian Danhausen
12:30pm ITC / Ghost Hunting Research with Tim Woolworth
1:15pm Deb Lance & Cathy Meriaux Q&A with Psychic Medium Deb Lantz
2:00pm Pro Wrestling Panel Q&A Stars of PWR / Braxton Sutter TNA / Glenn White (Moderator)
3:15pm Comic Book Artists Alley Panel - Jason Lenox, Joe Dragunas, & Todd Beistel
4:00pm Tracie Frick Psychic Medium
4:45: Rosalyn Bown - Ghost Hunters Academy - Workshop, Psychic Protection for Ghost Hunters
5:30 pm: George Richards Occult Crime & Studies
6:15pm Robin Swope "Exorcism: Spirits, Demons and Ghosts"
7:00pm Psychic Medium Glenn White Gallery reading *Extra ticket

10/30 Speaking Schedule 2106 Super Con

Room B

11:00am *KIDS & Adults Meet the Super Heros (Cosplayers) Q&A
12:pm FACE OFF / Special Effects / Make Up Artists Autumn Cook
12:45 Pro Wrestling Q&A PWR Wresting Stars , TNA Super Star Braxton Sutter, & Glenn White (Moderator)
1:30pm   Ask a Psychic Q&A Panel, Kayla Raye, Mike Berta, Tessa DelZopo
2:15pm: Rosalyn Bown - Ghost Hunters Academy - Workshop, Psychic Protection for Ghost Hunters
3:15pm - Comic Artists Artist Alley Brian Danhausen
4:15pm Ghost Hunting / Paranormal Activity 101 Panel

Room C

10:30am Cosplay - Halloween Costumes 101 with Katie Star
11:15am Horror Movie Panel - Ron Bonk & Horror Actress Jennie Russo
12:00pm Are Ghost's Real? A detailed look at famed haunting s across the USA with Nicole Novelle, Karissa Fleck, and more!
1:00pm C2D1 Haunting - Q&A Chris DiCesare
2:00pm Paranormal Authors & Hosts  Q&A Panel- Greg Feketik, Jennifer Anderson, Russ Stiver
2:45 pm  Comic Book  /Artist Alley Panel - Independent Artists. Meet the Artist of Artist Alley Q&A
4:00 pm Mike Stevenson the Paranormal Man.