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Event Locations - Ambassador Center

Location: Held at the beautiful Ambassador Center, Erie,PA: Location website

Ambassador Center  / Hilton

2225 Downs Drive

Erie, Pennsylvania 16509

Google Maps

Friday's Expo, Lectures, VIP Party, & Hemingway Investigation: Held at The Ambassador Center

Saturday's Expo, Lectures, Chip Coffey Gallery: Held at The Ambassador Center

Saturday's Investigation:  Held at Historic Waterford Complex DIRECTIONS

LiveParanormal.com Presents Paranormal Super Con July 24/25 2015

Tickets are available at the door!

Paranormal, Psychic, Metaphysical, & More!  

Welcome to the official website of the 2015 Paranormal Super Con!

Paranormal Enthusiasts... GET READY for the 2015 Paranormal SUPER Con Presented by www.liveparanormal.com

The Paranormal SUPER con is designed to be a fun filled and educational two day event  filled with top notch speakers, featured guests, and featured vendors!  We are proud to provide something of interest for all levels of paranormal enthusiasts.

Location: Held at the beautiful Ambassador Center, Erie,PA: Location website

Friday July 24th:

5pm-9pm: Expo Open

5pm-9pm: Lecture Rooms Open for Lectures

9pm Ghost Hunting Video Screening with Q&A

9pm-11pm: VIP Party & VIP Private Expo!

11:15pm - 2am: Investigation of Hemmingway Ballroom with Chip Coffey (1am)

Saturday July 25th:

9:30am VIP Entry to EXPO

10:am - 9pm Expo Open

10am-9pm Lecture Rooms Open For Lectures

7pm:Chip Coffey Gallery Reading *Tickets sold separate from general admission

10pm - 3am Paranormal Investigations July 25 2015  Fort LeBoeuf Historical Complex - Waterford, PA 

 * times subject to change

Dont forget to visit and like our new facebook page! Loaded with updates about the event

   Email any questions to livepara@aol.com

Two Day Expo & Lecture Series. July 24/25 2015

The Paranormal SUPER con is designed to be a fun filled and educational two day event  filled with top notch speakers, featured guests, and featured vendors!  We are proud to provide something of interest for all levels of paranormal enthusiasts. Open...7/24 5pm-9pm &  7/25 9:30 am - 9:00 pm

Be an event VIP & VIP Party 7/24

Be an official Paranormal Super Con VIP and enjoy extra perks for our two day event plus gain entry to our famous VIP party! The VIP party will be held in our Expo area from 9-11pm est on 7/24.  Utilize the Cash bar while shopping and mingling with other VIP Guests and Featured Event Guests!  *Open ONLY to VIP PASS Holders*

*Due to the arrival times or personal schedules of our featured guests, no all may be in attendance*

Expo: Who you can meet!

List of Current Lectures & Featured Guests of the July 24th / 25th Expo & Lecture Series.


Special Guests, Speakers, & Vendors

Chip Coffey Rob Szarek Dustin Pari -Sat Rosalyn Bown John Tenney
Deb Lantz Niki ParaNormal Jason McLeod Nick Lantz Brett McGinnis
Wes Forsythe Lisa Terio Mike Stevenson Eric Altman Robin Swope
Jen Anderson Clay Smith Joy Andreasen Eric Charles Mallie Fox
James McCann EVPS Kristina Rake Don Traynor Peg Knickerbocker
Lori Coffey Ron Coffey Tri C Ghost Hunters Dawn Marie Marano Michael Lee Hill
Cat Young Tess Hughes Haunted Housewives Melinda Carver Jim Harold
Ray Goosby Heidi Ladow Ivy Rivera Glenn White It's Your Journey
S&M Paranormal Nora Custer Design Anna Dean Farm Night Myst
Ghosts N' AT Rollandas Imaging Spiritually Rooted Findings of a Wanderer
Eddie Simmers KC Matronia
Rev Marjorie Rivera Tracie Frick Exie Paranormal
Liz Madsen Brian Danhausen Felicia Weinstein Jerry Adams Sunny Rosario
Ross Filmore John Michael Thonton Vanessa Salazar
Mike Berta

Pic Coming
Frank Bennett Sean Patrick Julie Toth
The Blood Shed RoadTrippers Ghosts Can Talk Goddess Elite
*We reserve the right to add, delete, or change any featured guest or speaker.

*Some featured speakers may only appear on friday or saturday

** Denotes Speakers. Lecture times TBA

LIVE Radio Shows: Streaming LIVE or taping interviews:

* The LiveParanormal team: Rob Szarek, Wes Forsythe (Paranormal Filler) , Jen Anderson (everything VERY Paranormal), Pat Kibby (Famously Haunted), & Niki ParaUnnormal (LP Spotlight, Super Con Radio) - LiveParanormal.com

*The Haunted Buffalo - Eric Charles - Para X

*Special* Chip Coffey Gallery Reading

Psychic Medium Chip Coffey will be offering a very special gallery reading at 6:45pm. This will immediately follow the Chip Coffey Q&A session

Chip Coffey Gallery Reading Tickets will be limited and available for JUST $60.00 

Buy Tickets

Sponsored by www.chipcoffey.com

Speaking Schedule for July 24/ 25

Friday 7/24 Room 2

6:00 pm Tracie Frick

A Psychic's Journey - Rev. Tracie Redden-Frick is a generational psychic medium. Spirit communication and helping one find there life's path are just a few of her gifts. Many of her peers have lovingly dubbed her "The readers, reader."

6:45 pm Liz Madsen

Animal Communication, find out why you need to talk to your pet. Rev. Liz madsen, cnhp,rmt. Pet psychic-medium, Spirit reader, Numerology cards and rune Readings. Reiki master/teacher.

7:30 pm  Ivy Rivera

Psychic, Mediumship, and Empathic Means  -  Rev Ivy Rivera Psychic Medium is a born intuitive who's been healing others with her abilities for 20 years. Owner of the Ivy League a Psychic Academy, and host of the Ask A Medium radio show, she strives to educate others on their own abilities for self- empowerment. She currently works from Buffalo NY with clients and students, internationally, in order to "Raise up the next generation of Light Workers".

8:15 pm  Haunted House Wives

The Haunted Housewives: Recipe for a Paranormal Potluck

Friday  7/24 Room 3

6:00pm Kelly Bowman

6:45pm Vanessa Salazar

“HOW ANGELS & OTHER SPIRITUAL ENERGIES ASSIST & HEAL US” *Receive an angelic & energetic clearing & healing transmission during this workshop.

7:30 pm  LP Ghost Hunting Panel - Tri-C, EVPS, Wes Forsythe

Learn the "ins and outs" of Paranormal research.

8:15 pm Wes Forsythe

Spirit Dowsing - Exploring dowsing beyond the basics. Using it to enhance and guide investigations.

8:30 pm Nora Custer

Use of gemstones and herbs in the paranormal - Nora Custer has been involved in the paranormal since before 2001 when she founded a team with colleagues in Kent Ohio that ended in 2006 but did not end her love in the paranormal. She has since continued working with families and teams investigating the paranormal looking for answers. Nora also lectures across the USA at events about the use of gemstones and herbs in the paranormal

Saturday, July 25, 2015- Room 1

10:00 am Ron & Lori Coffey

Married to the Paranormal Radio show hosts every other monday on liveparanormal.com

11:00 am Lisa Terio and Dawn Marano

ITC- Frank's Box LIVE Demo / Q&A session. Show hosts of LiveParanormal.com's Scanning the Frequencies Radio.

11:45 am Deb Lantz 

Past Life Meditation". Psychic Medium Deb Lantz is a gifted medium. Allow her to assist you in any questions you have have about yourself or a departed loved one

12:30 pm Nick Lantz

Past Lives: The Reincarnation of a Confederate Soldier. …. Nick Lantz is a paranormal researcher, author, and producer. He was featured on LMN's hit show Ghost Inside My Child, where he shared his personal experience with reincarnation www.nlantz.com .

1:15 pm Glenn White

Metaphysical outlook on a modern world - Glenn White is a Psychic Medium who has spent much time in search of the answers to why and what is actually going on around us and how we walk that thin line between this world and the spirit world as well as bridging that gap!

2:00 pm John Tenney

"Diversification of Weirdness" - John E.L. Tenney has been actively involved in the field of anomalistic, conspiratorial and occult research since the mid 1980's. His open skepticism of odd phenomena has gained him respect from both believers and skeptics. Aside from his lectures and due to his extended time involved in anomalistic research he has acted as a consult for numerous companies including, but not limited to, NBC, A&E, Fox, SyFy, Discovery Channel, Huffinton Post, Men's Health and The New York Times.

3:00 pm Brett McGinnis

Paranormal TV and Film. From SyFy's Ghost Hunters Academy to The Staring Man documentary and everything in between

4:00 pm Dustin Pari - Star of Ghost Hunters. "Getting weird with it"

5:00 pm Michael Lee Hill

Michael Lee Hill on the Lake Erie UFO's - Michael Lee Hill is an award winning musician, filmographer and UFO experiencer. His footage of the Lake Erie UFO's has created a Billy Meier like buzz.

6:00pm Chip Coffey Q&A - Open for all ticket packages

Chip Coffey is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic, as well as a fully-conscious medium.  He is blessed to have the God-given ability to provide others with insight, guidance and direction.  As a  medium, he is also able to reconnect his clients with loved ones who have crossed over

7:00 pm Chip Coffey Gallery Reading - Additional ticket required. Purchase your tickets at the event ticket booth (at event) or online.

8:00 pm Heidi Ladow

Historical Research and the Haunted Town of Waterford. - Plus insight into the night's investigation!

Saturday, July 25, 2015-  Room 2

10:00 am James McCann and Peg Knickerbocker

Erie based Ghost Hunter James McCann -Faith hope and believe.

11:00 am Mike Stevenson

EVP's , EMI's & EOC's How to tell the FAKE & the REAL - Author, Lecturer, Electronic Engineer & Communications Specialist Founder of THE PARANORMAL MAN ORGANISATION & a respected paranormal investigator

12:00pm Mountain Gypsies

Spiritual Hitchhikers - A Mother and Daughter team Tess Hughes and Cat Young. Both are Holistic Healers, Heritag...e Healers, Mountain Medicine Healers, Reiki Master/Teachers. Both hold various certificates (too many to mention) in holistic healing

1:00 pm Rosalyn Bown

Imaginary Ghosts: When Thoughts Take Form- Rosalyn Bown is a former cast member of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Academy, with 16 years under her belt as a paranormal investigator. She is a Reiki Master, an Angel Therapy Practitioner, a Psychic Medium, a Healing Jewelry Creator, and has experience with helping families deal with violent hauntings and inhuman entities.

2:00pm Eric Altman

Eric Altman has over 35 years experiencing Bigfoot and other strange cryptids. With over 17 years of field research investigating claims, Eric is very well versed in studying strange creatures and the paranormal. He is the host and producer of Beyond The Edge Radio, member of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization and Goosebumps Paranormal Society

3:00 pm Jason McLeod

The God Spark: Join paranormal expert Jason McLeod in an interactive discussion about Spiritual Self Defense and How the Power of Love will Protect you in the presence of Diabolical Evil.

4:00pm Melinda Carver

Protecting Yourself While Ghost hunting - Psychic Medium Melinda Carver is the Official Psychic of the Tarot Guild and the host of Mystical Muse. She has appeared on TV, radio, expos, conferences and stores. She is the creator of the award-winning magical product line Melinda's Positive Products

5:00 pm Clay Smith & Joy Andreasen

"The Reality of Alternate Realities " Joy: Psychic Medium, Shamanic Practitioner, Author of Whispers of Joy, Journey to Joy. Spiritual consultant. Clay: Alternate reality researcher, lectuter, Author of All You Know Is What You Think You Know, The Book of Clay, Host of Spirit Watch Radio

6:00 pm Jim Harold

True Ghost Stories Around The Campfire with Jim Harold - In 2005, Jim created The Paranormal Podcast. After over a decade of working on the business side of media, Jim decided it was time to dust off his broadcast training and step back behind the mic. A life long interest in the paranormal, combined with his love of broadcasting and technology, resulted in some the most successful podcasts of their type to date

7:00pm Jali Wright

Listen to the near death experience, while viewing concrete proof that Jali and Monet have encountered spirits and ghostly phenomena that cannot be explained. Listen closely as they share their unbelievable experince with the world and undeniable proof that can't be disputed

8:00 PM Frank Bennett

"Revelations on the Paranormal"

The Super Psychic Fair

Over 20 Psychics on hand for the Super Psychic Fair part of the Paranormal Super con!

The Paranormal Super Con is very proud to have over 20 Psychics in or Expo area!

nvestigation Hemingway Ball Room 7/24 WITH CHIP COFFEY! VERY LIMITED

Investigate the Haunted Hemingway Ball Room located inside the Hilton Garden Inn / Ambassador Con Center. 11:15pm - 2am. Plus Special group investigation with Chip Coffey til roughly 12:30am then a 1 hour 30 min freelance investigation

Sold out

Investingation Waterford Historic Complex 7/25

Investigation Tickets

Join us for an investigation of the Fort LeBoeuf Historical Complex!

The Judson House, The Museum, and The Eagle Hotel

Pictures of location

Limited MAIN EVENT Group investigation: 10pm to 3am+

Access to all three buildings on a rotational system.


Learn about the buildings and claims

Buy tickets at the door

7/26 Investigation Kingsville Ohio

You have seen LiveParanormal.com investigate these buildings on LP TV, now is your chance to Join us at the Kingsville, Ohio Library & Old School House 7/26!  

More information on the location

Very limited Tickets will be sold BUY NOW