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LiveParanormal.com is the premier Internet community for all things Paranormal, Psychic, Unexplained, Sci Fi, Horror Movies, & More! Enjoy 24/7 LIVE interaction with other like minded people from around the world. LiveParanormal.com is 100% free!

Interactive Shows

We currently offer a wide variety of live radio & video (tv) shows on our LiveParanormal Radio and LiveParanormal TV Networks. The majority of our shows will offer live chat room interaction with Show Hosts during the airing of each episode!

Eight years strong!!

LiveParanormal  is closing in on our eight year Anniversary and we have enjoyed every minute of it! Our goal is to offer an un-bias format for enthusiasts to interact with each other. We appreciate all points of view and members here at LiveParanormal.com  Thank you for a continued great run!

Share your passion!

On top of live interaction, we offer a variety of "hubs" for members to share their passion for the paranormal! We invite you to post your paranormal evidence & stories, upload photos, read our online magazine, and use our genre specific LP TV video channel area!

LiveParanormal is the TRUE live interactive community! Our chat room comes fully equipped with multi-media availability! All members can "fire up" their webcam and mics and enjoy a true one of a kind experience interacting with one another!

*liveparanormal.com is an online community which sub contracts all productions. The domain owner is not held responsible for any actions or claims that are made.  Included show hosts and posts on the site.

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