Standstill camera down hallway of Bell Nursing Home

Standstill camera shot down the front hallway at Bell Nursing Home. host hunting devices placed down hall Phasmabox and 3 Rem pods placed on floor and fireplace. Keep an eye on room 4A. Second door on the left.

Spotlight Radio Hosts Shoot New TV Pilot

Breaking Darkness. New Reality TV Show Pilot hosted by’s Owner Rob Szarek. Features two groups of investigators using two different theories to capture paranormal evidence.  Rob is joined by Niki ParaUnNormal as co-lead investigators of the “Team 1” Breaking Darkness also features Radio Hosts Pam & Steve Barry (What’s Out there), Chad Cornell …

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Investigation Stream from Bell Nursing Home with Psychic Medium Doug Baker

Investigation stream from The Haunted Bell Nursing Home in Kimbolton Ohio. Watch as Live Paranormal’s own Rob and Niki are joined by Psychic Doug Baker and Bell Nursing Home’s Betsy Beatenhead. Still shot photo of rempod activity