Spotlight Radio Birthday Special! Guest Eric Freeman

Live Paranormal Spotlight Radio Birthday Special. Rob Szarek and Niki ParaUnnormal welcome Guest Eric Freeman, Owner of the House of Wills in Cleveland, Ohio. Listen as they talk about the paranormal activity at one of the most haunted locations in the Unites States!

Paraligion Radio Welcomes Robbie Thomas

Paraligion Radio Presents a night with: Psychic Medium Criminal Profiler  Robbie Thomas. Hosted by Steve Dunn Interview includes a very special and heartwarming surprise call in, don’t miss this one!

Chip Coffey Psychic Reading Contest

Win a Chip Coffey Psychic Reading! Win a 20 minute Psychic reading from Chip Coffey! Contest ends 1/23/18 10pm est.  Winner will be announced live during the 1/23/18 LiveParanormal Spotlight Radio Show at 10:30pm est. Click here for full details  

The New Normal 12/27 Radio Show

“An it harm none, do as you will” “Do as you will shall be the whole of the law”. The Wiccan “Rule of Three” (everything you send out comes back to you threefold which should make anyone a bit hesitant to do harm). We should also know that lots of people who use magick are …

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12/16- Live Paranormal TV Presents- Live Paranormal Investigation of TWO Locations

12/16 Live Paranormal TV Presents… Live paranormal investigation from TWO private residences with known paranormal activity Rob Szarek, Niki Paraunnormal, Special Guest Cyndi Beacom-Jaillet . Starting (on or about) 7pm est only on

Paranormal Spotlight Radio Show- Guest: John Tenney

Paranormal Spotlight Radio Show on Every Tuesday at 10:30pm EST (Please Note New Time) Hosted by Niki ParaUnNormal & Rob Szarek Guest: John Tenney Featured Archive