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I will do a few blogs on Whitby, as theirs to much to write about  in just 1 blog! I was enchanted with this little fishing seaside place on the east coast of Yorkshire since i was 18, ive been here around 25 or more times, and each time something new catc
sammierhall · 72 days ago

 The story that I have to tell about this topic, is about none other than my spiritually gifted wife Carla. She is what the world understands to be a medium. And the story about how she has acquired these gifts, and grown with them, is truly amazing. It al
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liftingspirits · 70 days ago

The William Heath Davis House  Built in 1850 by William Heath Davis, this historic house is the oldest structure in what is now downtown San Diego. The house has a colorful past and was lived in by many except ironically Davis himself. Among the ancient s
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FamilyFirstParanormal · 69 days ago

Heart attack victim: 'there is an afterlife'Posted on Friday, 21 February, 2014 41-year-old Brian Miller reported a vivid near-death experience when his heart stopped for 45 minutes.Technically dead for the better part of an hour, Miller recalls a fascinat
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FamilyFirstParanormal · 53 days ago

The other day I had the chance to ask Chantal some questions about her life and the paranormal. I find her take on why we investigate at night the best answer I have ever heard.   I would just like to thank Chantal for the following interview. SO THANKS.
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FamilyFirstParanormal · 33 days ago

I just want to start off by telling you a little bit about my next guest. Her name is  Valentina and I would like to dive deep into her life as a Paranormal Investigator. This is part of her Bio on her website.     At the age of 13 she attracted a Polterge
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FamilyFirstParanormal · 28 days ago

RESTROOM7177 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA 925063-3-14My day started out like any other day. I wake up then take a shower and then get dressed and before I get in my car to head off to my job I make a big cup of coffee. So  on this day it took me 45 minuets 
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FamilyFirstParanormal · 19 days ago

If the last name Holzer does not ring a bell then It is my duty to educate you before you look like a dummy when some one brings up the name. Most of what every paranormal investigator does at a location collecting evidence or communicating with the other
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FamilyFirstParanormal · 8 days ago

Interested in blogging for email us
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liveparanormal · 148 days ago

There has been a major increase of bashing in the paranormal field lately. I will admit & I am ashamed to say  I also fell into that pattern. There is no excuse for any of us doing it. The problem is it is so easy to fall into that circle. It will do m
GHOFCT · 137 days ago
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