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For a long time I have watched as people around me debated about using spirit boards to communicate with the dead. There are some people who believe that if you use them, you will go straight to hell, summon demons, or worse (if there is such a thing). I always scratched my head at how come whenever I used spirit boards nothing would happen. By nothing, I mean nothing at all. Not one millimeter of movement. I asked myself, what I am doing wrong? I decided to research spirit boards and start this project to turn someone like me, a non-believer, into a full-fledged bona fide believer or at the very least open my mind to the possibility that there is something to using spirit boards. I am beyond skeptical so this requires a TON of convincing. I set out to complete 3 major experiments with a control to see if I could become an actual believer. What has happened on this journey has TRULY shocked me and made for some compelling storytelling. I cannot wait to share this film with you all and I hope you will see just how deep into this rabbit hole we have gone. Whether you believe or not, there is something in this film for you. Best, Sommer Carter Director


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