One thing people often ask is what books I recommend to a new practitioner, and this, of course, depends on what practice we are talking about- parapsychology? Magick? Paganism? ... as well as their age, what they've already accomplished, what their needs are. The panel each year at the Changing Times Changing Worlds convention on book recommendations is popular, and I have my favorites of course. I've had to replace my copy of Richard Cavendish's The Black Arts five times, because when I loan it, it never seems to come back to me. I think that says something about the book.
But there are so many ways to learn about stuff! There are classics like Drawing Down the Moon, and Spiral Dance, and Cunninghams Solitary Practitioner. I have fantasy books I think can teach you a great deal- from Robert Asprin's Myth Inc series, to Katherine Kurtz's Deryni series. There are books on Paganism and ethics from Wood's When Why ...if? to Tsivia Rabinovich's An ye harm None. Catherine Kane's books on Palmistry and Empathy are fantastic. So yes, I have favorites and will try to cover as many books and subjects as I can, giving why different books are better for some people than others.
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