Sommer Jonez is a long time paranormal enthusiast and filmmaker from San Francisco. She's just finished up a documentary on...Ouija Boards ("Yes, No, Goodbye"), testing them from a skeptical perspective she talks about what inspired her, drops some hints on what to expect from the film, and talk about the power of the media's influence on Supernatural occurrences. Her film also includes appearances from renowned Ouija expert Robert Murch, Psychic Medium Chip Coffey, Voodoo Expert Bloody Mary and more. Her production company is Chester Copperpot Films and there are tons of fun projects gearing up for release in 2016.

Media Company Website:

Yes No Goodbye Movie Site:

Yes No Goodbye Trailer #1:

She will be bringing some vintage Ouija Boards to try out at the event as well as actual boards used in the film!


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Sommer Jonez at 2016 Super Con