Originally born in Baltimore, MD, Rita Savage, 46, moved to Fairfield, PA at the age of twelve, a town located only ten miles from the famous Battle of Gettysburg, where she was immersed into Civil War culture.  The allure of the history within the area piqued her interest in the era, however upon graduating high school, Savage entered Hanover PA Cosmetology School in order to receive a degree in cosmetology.

After completing her studies, Savage opened two hair salons, followed by an antique store, a pizza shop and a deli.  In between that time, Rita met Ric while waitressing at a local restaurant.  In 1999, the Savages were wed, and eleven years later, the couple turned their mutual interest in the Civil War and its relics into a full-fledged business, American Savage.

At the company, Savage is responsible for managing the business, pinpointing dig sites, coordinating sales and scheduling.


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