Born and raised in western North Carolina, Ric Savage, 42, is a former professional wrestler turned artifact recovery expert, hunting relics from America’s past with the help of his all-star team, American Savage.

Savage’s amateur wrestling career started in the U.S. Army, where he competed with the 82nd Airborne post wrestling team at Fort Bragg, NC, until a knee injury in 1989 landed him in physical therapy.  After a long recovery, Savage re-emerged in the sport as a professional wrestler near his hometown in western North Carolina in 1990, training in a friend’s garage and wrestling at small independent shows until he got his big break in 1991.

“Heavy Metal” Ric Savage had a prolific seven year career in the sport, competing in nearly every wrestling organization, among them the WCW (World Championship Wrestling), the ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling), and the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance).

Following his retirement from the sport in 1997, Savage returned to his other passion, the Civil War era, by getting his start in relic hunting.  Soon after Savage stumbled across his very first find, a ball of shrapnel he found at the site of the Battle of Cold Harbor, VA he and has since continued to search former battle sites through his Mechanicsville, VA-based business, American Savage.

With the help of his wife Rita, their son Giuseppe, and artifact recovery experts Bob Buttafuso and Rue Shumate, American Savage has recovered a wide range of valuable items, including hundreds of Civil War bullets, dozens of Civil War artillery shell fragments, multiple Native American arrow and axe heads, a set of prehistoric shark teeth, and a Civil War era beer bottle.


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