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At its core, RU is a group of people dedicated to understanding and facing down the things most people will never encounter. RU research is innovative, edgy, and (on occasion) dark. Sometimes on film, vigilante justice can be witnessed as dead, evil men are held accountable for their sins. Other times, spirits are given the opportunity to have a few last words when handed the mic that is Pandora. 


Adam Kimmell is the founder, executive producer, and editor. He is devoted to belief as an ideal. He believes in his friends, in himself and in what he has chosen to do. Adam is driven by the choice to believe in a definitive something.  


In regards to the supernatural, Adam is unsure of exactly what he believes. Thus, Resident Undead continues to seek out the most dangerous and extreme hauntings. They do so to document them, and to try and understand. 


Resident Undead and its cast members have been featured on TV a couple of times (BIO, Travel Channel, and SyFy). You can find them on YouTube.

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Resident Undead Team on THE EERIE VOICE Thursday 01/26/17 at 9pm ET LIVE