Join your host Alex Matsuo as she interviews Stephanie Danielle Sutera on Sunday, July 17, 2016 at 9pm EDT. Stephanie is the associate director, photographer, and lead investigator at Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations. She will be coming onto the show to talk about TSPI's latest projects and upcoming events!


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Born and raised in Connecticut. When she is not paranormal investigating, she is a jazz vocalist, as well as a freelance photographer. Stephanie also is the Head of Housekeeping at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, an undergraduate school that focuses on playwriting, classical theater, and musical theater performances; the site of two Tony Award Winning Theaters and The famous Monte Cristo Cottage. Aside from that, she thoroughly enjoys cooking, throwing events and themed parties, anything retro and horror based, including music and movies., but most of all she loves spending time with her family.

As the Associate Director she is the second in command with the Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations. While on assignment, she is one of the lead investigators which acts as a liaison between the clients, the group and guides the team itself throughout the hunt. Since she has been doing photography for well over a decade, she is the team’s photographer and takes shots of the locations and conducts spirit photography while they investigate. Stephanie is also in charge of the website, making T.S.P.I.'s videos and graphics, and helps with their social media sites, and also writer for The Haunted Blog, as well as setting up events and appearances.

Since childhood Stephanie has always had an infatuation with anything to do with the paranormal persuasion. When she was a youth, she would frequently rent horror movies and check out true horror story books from the library. That fascination really never left and continued to grow throughout her life. During high school her curiosity on the subject really peaked, due to events at a close friend’s residence that she had frequented. Stephanie had witnessed quite a lot of paranormal activity while staying there. This helped fuel her determination in finding the truth of about the paranormal world to this day.


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