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A gifted Psychic Medium and Paranormal Expert, Valentina Marie Lomborg has had photos of her investigations featured on major websites such as MSN and Bing and is a regular writer for UK's Haunted Times Magazine.

Valentina was born in Denmark to two doctors. She went on to be schooled in Switzerland and Alaska until her late teens. Her first encounter of the paranormal was having a poltergeist visit her in Alaska when she was 12. That began her fascination with ghosts, something generally most children avoid! From there she moved to California on her own.

In her early twenties, a freak accident caused a Traumatic Brain Injury that left her nearly comatose and close to dying. That was the trigger that started kicking in her gifts, though she continued modeling and didn't really give into them.

Later, in yet another freak accident, this time electrocution, Valentina's gifts once again were jolted-literally-causing the sensitivity in her gifts to further heighten.

It wasn't until February of 2015 when Valentina's world suddenly came crashing down when she lost both of her parents within 14 days of each other. Her mother was her whole world! That started the obsession with wanting to communicate with her mother on the other side. That very quickly lead to having others contact her to do readings for her as well as talk to love ones on the other side.

Since then she has for the last two years dedicated her life solely to helping and healing others.

Currently, Valentina resides in Florida and, in the past year, has helped hundreds of people with their life path. She has devoted herself to conducting readings, connecting the living with loved ones that have crossed over and assisted in missing person cases.  

She is capable of conducting readings both in person and over long distances, which allows her to assist people worldwide.


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