Please Talk With Me Screening and Q&A with Chris DiCesare at the Super Con

10/29 1:15pm est

In the winter of 1985, strange occurrences began to transpire inside Erie Hall on the college campus at Geneseo, New York -- Room-C2D1. Over a period of months, several students were confronted with the unimaginable as their friend, Chris Di Cesare, became the unwilling focus of a series of paranormal events. These were recorded in the form of the now famous “C2D1 Haunting Journal Notes” taken as the phenomena unfolded by J. Jeff Ungar.

Their lives were forever altered by a series of paranormal events. Apparitions sighted, strange voices heard and moving objects witnessed all became part of the experience shared by these young adults now almost thirty years ago.

Through thier considered efforts, a recorded history now exists detailing the day-to-day terror that they experienced. Photographs, voice recordings, scribbled notes and formal written journals all now serve as factual verification of the events that unfolded around them.

This film is dedicated to the telling a portion of that story.

Starring Kyle Shea and Aaron Katter, this docu-thriller is directed by Mara Katria and produced by William Edwards. PTWM premiered at the prestigious SCARE-A-CON Festival to a packed house and went on to receive the honor of Best Director at Wilson Film Fest in 2013 and Best Feature at Spirit Quest Film Fest in 2014


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Please Talk with Me Viewing and Q&A