Paranormal Researcher, Wilderness Survivalist, Author, Host, and Artist Patrick H.T. Doyle joins us on THE EERIE VOICE Thursday 12/15/16 at 9pm ET LIVE

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My love of the paranormal and wilderness survival made my decision to take part in Syfy's hit show, GHOST MINE easy. I was able to investigate a remote location two years in a row for three long months. Because I was able to focus on this one location for so long I and my partner Kristen were able to create a bond with the location and in turn, gather incredible images and unexplainable voices on cameras and audio recorders. As the host of the Reelz Channel's, BEHIND THE SCREAMS I was able to pursue my passion for research into paranormal claims and the history of extraordinary encounters. In MAN VS THE PARANORMAL, my new original series for The Dark Zone Network, I investigate haunted sites lost by time and not found on the map. I will be completely alone in the unforgiving and unpredictable wild for 5 days (120 hours) with only basic survival gear and limited paranormal investigation equipment. No camera crew. No support. No contact with the outside world. It's jus me versus nature and the paranormal.


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Patrick H.T. Doyle on THE EERIE VOICE Thursday 12/15/16 at 9pm ET LIVE