Paranormal Spotlight Radio Show

Hosted by Rob Szarek & Nicole Novelle

Guests Pam & Steve Barry 


Pam Barry: Pam is the Co-Owner of The Gettysburg Ghost Exchange and owner of Hands of Light Reiki and has been involved in the paranormal since childhood, She had her first paranormal experience at the age of 6. She began to look for spirits and answers around every corner. She began dedicated paranormal investigating in her 30's,moved to the Gettysburg area. Pam is also an empath, a Certified Reiki Master, a trained Spiritualist Healer. She enjoys speaking at Metaphysical gatherings and lectures, and providing healing to all those in need. She likes to say "I was Paranormal before paranormal was cool".

Steve Barry: Co-Owner of the Gettysburg Ghost Exchange member of the Paranormal After Party….GBSB Steve had and NDE March 2015, and does lectures about his experience, what/ who he communicated with during this chapter of his life. He is always looking for answers.

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Paranormal Spotlight Radio- Guests Pam and Steve Barry