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Guest: Robbin Terry- Owner of Ashmore Estates


Robbin Terry has been an insurance agent for over 35 years. He is a specialist in collector car insurance and currently writes coverage throughout the entire Continental US. That's about where normal stops with him though. Instead of swinging golf clubs on a golf course you can find him climbing on the overhang of Ashmore Estates in Ashmore IL, crawling through the attics of the Haunted R Theater in Auburn, IL or in his spare time turning wrenches on his small collection of classic cars, including the Original Mystery Machine. He has worked as an Emcee/DJ at numerous car shows and events throughout the years including the Corvette Nationals in Bowling Green, KY. He works with numerous charities and is a huge supporter of Lost Limbs Foundation, He's coached youth basketball, baseball, softball and hockey. He's even played a few games with a semi-pro hockey team. In his little spare time he enjoys doing paranormal investigations as he has a huge collection of paranormal equipment. Robbin is a collector and has quite a few different collection including Ouija Boards as well as original Frank's boxes. He organized the Paranormal Unity Day at the R Theater which is held the Saturday of Super Bowl weekend. The R Theater was featured in Brad Klinge's Strange Curiosity episode "Killer Coincidence" and Robbin was part of an episode of Ghost Adventures Aftershocks featuring Ashmore Estates.

In 2014 he made one of the biggest purchases of his paranormal interests, Ashmore Estates. The building was not fit for an investigation or for entry honestly. He took it upon himself to try and put this historical property back together. After reaching out to the paranormal community he was able to find enough volunteers to move his plan up by 3 months. During the 100th year birthday party of the building Bill Chappell said "Robbin has turned Ashmore Estates into a mecca for paranormal investigators". He has a lot of plans for AE and wants to continue to improve the property and make it easier and more enjoyable when people are investigating.


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Paranormal Spotlight Radio- 6/13 @ 10:30pm EST- Guest: Robbin Terry owner of Ashmore Estates