Nick Lantz is an experienced paranormal researcher/ consultant who has spent years studying unexplained and anomalisitc phenomena. He is also a lecturer, author, former podcast host, and a former cast member of a sketch comedy show on WOUB (PBS affiliate) in Athens, Ohio.  Nick is the son of renowned psychic/medium Deb Lantz and has been fortunate enough to travel the country giving lectures on topics within the paranormal. The topic that is most often requested is his lecture Past Lives: The Reincarnation of a Confederate Soldier, in which Nick shares his story of discovering his past life through dreams, regressions, and thorough research. His story was featured in season 2, episode 5 of Ghost Inside My Child on LMN. Nick’s passion and innate curiosity for the world of the unknown allows him to help others by sharing his knowledge gained by his years of experience. Having lived through some terrifying occurrences as a child, Nick takes the knowledge gained from his many experiences into the field and uses it to help others who live their lives in fear as he once did. In 2009, Nick witnessed something at an investigation that changed his life forever and he is now fully dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. He firmly believes that the absence of fear can only exist with the acquirement of knowledge and he takes this philosophy with him into the field.   Nick published his first book entitled Ghosts & Legends of Athens, Ohio which discusses what makes Athens one of the most haunted cities in the world. Following the release of his book, Ohio University, located in Athens, was ranked the number one most haunted college in the world by MTV. Nick is currently at Ohio University where he is pursuing journalism and media.


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