This Thursday Night! Joining Stefan on MDHR!! Bob Hunnicutt - Paranormal Investigator - Researcher - TV Personality we will be discussing the paranormal and the up coming Virginia City Paracon!

Bob Hunnicutt began his journey into the world of ghosts and hauntings during the nation’s bi-centennial in 1976. A chance encounter with an apparition in a Arizona theater not only challenged his beliefs on the supernatural, it also revealed that science could not always explain everything.

Since that time, Bob has investigated cases of unexplained phenomena associated with a variety of hauntings of private homes, businesses and historical landmarks throughout the state of Georgia, the Southeast and portions of th...e Midwest. He is the founder and executive director of the Georgia Ghost Society and in the spring of 2008, Bob was honored to be named one of the Top Ten Paranormal Ghost Investigators in America by Haunted America Tours.

He has been the featured guest on prominent radio programs that include The “X” Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack Harris, Georgia Public Radio as well as the nationally syndicated Lisa Birnbach Show.

Bob has lectured at local colleges, libraries, historical societies and paranormal conferences across the country and is a popular speaker when it comes to common sense ghost hunting. Sometimes provocative, but always amusing; Bob’s approach is to share his experiences while relating to the audience’s and providing an opportunity for their personal validation.


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