Exorcist Bishop Bryan Ouellette On THE EERIE VOICE 10-5-17 at 9PM ET.

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Bishop Ouellette is a semi-retired bi-ritual autocephalous eastern Orthodox/western Catholic bishop and exorcist for the Old Roman Catholic Sacred Order of St. Michael the Archangel (Order of Exorcists) also currently offering private instruction in Gedo Zen, meditation, mysticism, prayer, and Christian esotericism.

After completing his degree in psychology, he worked in a multitude of clinical facilities, managing the care of clients suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and traumatic brain injury, before designing a successful compilation of primary prevention methodologies targeting at-risk children and teenagers. During this time, he also completed post-graduate work in Education, Philosophy and Metaphysical Science, through which he received his ministerial doctorate and attained to the title of Metaphysician for the International Metaphysical Ministry. He has sat on numerous private boards, worked to resolve inner-city adolescent homelessness, and is an accomplished instrument-rated pilot.

Through his commitment to the clerical life, Bishop Ouellette has brought the theological diversity of the early Church to our contemporary world. Formulating a specific praxis, he has established programs for his monks, clergy, and students that offer a direct and tangible relationship with God, one that is based primarily on experience rather than on a faith in what is often left to unjustified speculation.

Bishop Ouellette is a modern, revolutionary Catholic bishop with an unyielding respect for ancient tradition; yet, he advocates strongly for the evolution of the Church and for that of spirituality itself. He has been featured on Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, in Rolling Stone magazine and presently holds the Office of Patriarch for the esoteric religious organizations: the Holy Nicholean Catholic and the Holy Imperial Russian Orthodox Churches. These Churches function internally, behind the Christian cloister, hidden far away within the heart of contemplative monasticism.


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Exorcist Bishop Bryan Ouellette On THE EERIE VOICE