1-25-2017 Thor Halvorsen Ethics

Please join Tchipakkan and her guest (and CTCW speaker) Thor Halvorsen on the New Normal 8 pm Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 8-9 p.m. edt.

We'll be talking about ethics this week. Some folks just assume that anything you do with magick, manifestation, or even prayer is suspect. It goes along with the idea that if there's nothing wrong with it, why would you "hide" it? We'll be referring to the most excellent workbook When Why If...? by Robin Wood (perhaps better known for her art and Tarot Cards). While aimed at helping Wiccans understand how to decide what the Wiccan Rede ("An you harm none, do what you will"- which IS really ambiguous) means, the Rule of Three, etc. Of course, not everyone is Wiccan, but Robin's book leads the reader through chapters on Honesty, Self awareness, Love, Helping, Harming, Sex, and Will (is there anything more ambiguous than "do as you will"?!). More importantly, it's also a workbook, with exercises that will help the reader figure out the answers to ethical problems for him or herself which is much more powerful than simply doing as you are told, and taking it on faith that whoever told you must be right.

But not everyone is Wiccan, so we're going to go beyond some of that, although embracing the philosophy behind it. Thor is a Norwegian-Welsh Pagan, Wiccan, Poet, Musician, Diviner, Deaf Educator, with a fond appreciation for history, mythology, religion and social structure and sociology.

And with the new political elite aligning themselves with hate groups, with anti-gay and alt-style uber-Christianity being supported, Paganism's emphasis on equality of women and acceptance of GBLT lifestyles may put us in the crosshairs of their attention. Even if we are too small for their attention, our ethics may lead us to stand between others to protect them from harm; we must look at the issue of protecting ourselves in conjunction with advocacy and social justice. How do we as a nation and as individuals decide when, why and if one person's rights violate those of another?


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Ethics on the New Normal 1-25-17 8 pm est