August 23, 2017 Energy healing with Catherine Kane

Please join Tchipakkan and Catherine Kane on the New Normal 8 pm Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 8-9 p.m. edt.

Popular “small medium at large, Cathy Kane will be joining me again. You may have seen her and her husband Starwolf soothsaying at many a show or Renn Fair all over New England; or you may have heard her speak at Changing Times-Changing Worlds, or read one (or more of) her many books, or visited her websites Foresight (the Information you need for the Adventure of Life) at or

The topic of the evening is energy healing. We will be talking about a wide range of energy healing techniques, their pluses and minuses, what you need to use them, how energy work can support your health and that of those around you and any other questions that you have on the topic.

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Energy healing with Catherine Kane 8-23-17 8 pm edt