Kids & Adult costumes are welcome all weekend at The Super Con!

Costume Guidelines


Costumes must remain family friendly. Please keep in mind our event is attended by a large variety of ticket buyers both young and old! Please be considerate of this fact and dress accordingly.

Costume Props

To ensure the safety and fun of everyone attending the convention, we have a few simple guidelines for our attendees in costume. We ask that you follow LARP guidelines when choosing weapons to bring with you to the convention. Any solid core weapons like a sword must be padded with at least 12mm of high density foam (Plastazote or Evazote). No projectiles may be fired from prop weapons. Any prop guns must have a visible orange cap or be obviously fake (<--too vague? lemme know). Any Airsoft weapons must have batteries and/or guts removed prior to entry to the convention. Bows may have a string attached provided it does not stretch or is entirely removable. Arrows must be tipped in foam or firmly secured in a quiver, meaning not loose in the quiver. Staffs and wands are acceptable.

Most of all, we want everyone to have fun! If you have more specific questions about a particular prop or costume not covered in our guidelines, please contact us.


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Costumes Welcome at The Super Con