Chris is host of the show The Search Existence Unknown. Which can be seen on Roku's Paranormal Reality tv . He is also a Film maker, editor, producer, director, project manager, and creative director . Also he is the Owner of Creepy Attic Productions.  He has had quest spots on 3 different episode's of Ghost Adventures and has been studying the unknown for over 32 years. Chris also recently just published a book entitled Chasing The Haunt.

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Chris started his research in Southern California in 1981 with large studies in the Supernatural, Photography, Videography and History.  Several Years later and countless Investigations, Chris found himself in Northern Kentucky.  After forming TSP, Chris and his Crew have covered several Historical locations in the Midwest to the East.  Guest Appearance's on Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story and now Host of a show with his crew "The Search Existence Unknown on ROKU's Paranormal Reality TV.


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