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14080044_1833820749966880_74209994156842Brendan Shay an electrician by trade has been actively investigating the Paranormal since 2006. Since a small child, Shay has experienced supernatural events that followed him all the way into his early adult life, and these experiences fueled the interest and fascination into learning everything he could about the Paranormal. In early 2007 Shay Joined the Central Ohio Ghost Squad in his hometown of Lancaster, Ohio. Shay served as the teams Tech Manager and Lead investigator as well as the co-host of the successful Four Horsemen Paranormal Radio Show on Blog talk radio that spanned two years. In 2010 Shay along with two other members of COGS formed United Paranormal Project where they hosted and directed all paranormal events at The Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville Ohio as well as The Bryn Du Mansion in Granville Ohio.

In 2012 Shay was featured on BIO channel's my ghost story caught on camera where his work and research featured the Twin City Opera House. He also fronted The Band called Ghosts and Paper Hearts that sang about supernatural events in the band members lives till they disbanded in late 2012. At the present time, Shay has formed a new team called Project Paranormal Research society concentrating on helping people affected by the supernatural in their homes and place of Business. The team in composed of some of the most dedicated people in the field. The passion of his work stems mostly to helping families deal with paranormal events in their homes. Shay also will be featured on Destination America's Paranormal Survivor documenting a case he worked in in Hamilton, Ohio. Brendan has investigated some of America's infamously haunted locations, Bobby Mackey's Music world, Mansfield State reformatory and Penn Hurst Asylum. He has worked on dozens of residential cases and has spent hundreds of hours reviewing evidence collected on investigations. He has appeared on dozens of radio shows across the country and has been featured on some internet TV Series. Brendan currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his Wife and two girls.


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