Join your host Alex Matsuo as Boleyn Paranormal returns to The Wicked Domain to share some of their most interesting data from their ghost box sessions. If time and tech allows, we will even do a live ghost box session on the air!


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Boleyn Paranormal was set up by Helena King, at the age of 14. Since then she has taken her team on investigations across Britain. From the Michelham Priory in East Sussex, to the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, Moira Furnace in Derbyshire and Fort Amherst in Kent. Including many other locations across Great Britain. We approach each investigation with professionalism, determination, an open mind and also a scientific mind-set. We do not jump to the conclusion that if something happens, it has to be paranormal, instead we try to find a logical reason for an apparent paranormal happening. This is true of us however taking into account previous investigations, sometimes events can occur in which we can become genuinely scared, as a lot of things can happen in a short space of time that we cannot explain. Boleyn Paranormal has four core members who are Helena, the founder, lead investigator and medium. Alex, her husband, who is also an investigator. Liz, Helena’s mother and Nick who is a close family friend, and Helena’s ‘adopted step dad’. We also get joined by other close friends and family on some investigations. We are part of haunted productions and have a show on amazon instant video using the money from that we are raising money for a Charity in the uk called help for heroes half of all profits made will go to them. Our first season is about location with a military back ground called Boleyn Paranormal “this is war” but we are also filming documentary shows about the history of places and there (ghost stories) our first season of that is based on Anne Boleyn and we are calling that in our queens footsteps as we are named after her. We are also working on a book to go with the show about all the locations and other locations we have been too that will include pictures and equipment reviews of our best bits of kit.


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ARCHIVE - Boleyn Paranormal Returns to the Wicked Domain 7/3/16