Normal humans all have many abilities that our parent culture doesn't want to admit exist. But no matter how hard some people try to explain them away, people continue to dowse, see ghosts, heal by touch, and know things they "can't" know. While there are some amazingly talented people most, just like the rest of us, also have these abilities. Just as some humans are athletes, and some artists and writers, just because the rest of us can't run the four minute mile, doesn't mean we can't walk it, and because we aren't Shakespeare or Pavarotti, doesn't mean we aren't able to read and write, or able to sing a favorite tune in the shower. There are famous psychics, but everyone has some level of ability; everyone has hunches, everyone dreams, can dowse, and heal.. As there are many sorts of art, there are many kinds of abilities people may have- there are the well-known ones: telepathy, precognition, and talking to spirits, but other abilities include finding lost things, knowing when a loved one is in trouble, knowing what the weather's going to be- or maybe holding rain off while we pack the tent down, communicating with animals, and healing with touch or intent. Some people seem to have one ability, some have several different ones. On this show we will have guests share their knowledge and experience about how to develop your natural abilities, and make them practical and useful in your daily life. In our children or grandchildren's generation, perhaps we’ll be able to accept and use these wonderful abilities and not have to be careful not to let people know when we notice them. Although we often think of them as “super-natural” or “para-normal”, they are natural and normal in humans, and if we don't start talking about them, that can't happen.


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