Ghost box Weekend is open to all people 6/23 -6/25 2017. From the Beginners to the Advanced (No experience required). Each participant will use the same ghost box recorded feed to test a theory that an universal ghost box stream could possibly yield different results. 

*We will be providing the recorded ghost box feed to use via a radio player or download from our site to each participant to use.  Participants can conduct the experiment from anywhere in the world. We do not require the experiment to be done at a specific location or a specific time during the weekend.

LiveParanormal and will be streaming our session LIVE from our event at Poasttown Elementary School in Middleton, Ohio on 6/23  Poasttown Elemntary is the official headquarters of Ghost Box Weekend #1 .You can buy tickets to our Poasttown event now!  Click here to purchase tickets!  *You do not need to attend to participate*

We will be providing a recorded  universal stream our 12-469 Shack hack. Ghost box weekend #1 we will be testing a recorded ghost box stream.  Ghost box weekend #2 (July) We will be testing a live streaming ghost box and so forth.

Welcome to Ghost Box Weekend #1

Ghost Box Weekend is a large scale ghost box experiment open to all levels of Ghost Hunting Enthusiasts (from the beginner to the experienced). There is absolutely no fee or donation required to participate and no requirement of where your session is recorded!

The Experiment: 
We will be providing a recorded streaming thirty min ghost box feed for each participant to universally anytime during 6/23-6/25 2017. Each participant must video record themselves conducting a ghost box session with our stream for proper documentation. The Participants will then submit their experiment to our website for review. We will be looking for variables and anomalies on each experiment that differ from other submissions. Participants are not required to conduct the experiment for the entire thirty minutes  There is no specific requirement to where each participant conducts their experiment!
Our goal is to test the theory that a universal ghost box stream may yield different results based on location and the user involved.  We will be providing a recorded streaming ghost box feed on our site June 23rd - June 25th for anyone in the world to use at any point during those days We will then gather results and post any anomalies in findings (If any)

What this means...

Everyone will be using the SAME ghost box thirty minute feed.  There will be a downloadable or streaming ghost box player available 6/23-6/25. Each participant will use the exact same thirty minute stream to conduct a recorded ghost box session. Our hope is that we can find variables in the submissions. 

*We will be conducting these "ghost box weekends"  experiments on a regular basis. We hope to bring a fun and exciting way for people interested in the paranormal to be involved in a large scale experiment that could yield possible paranormal findings, while testing a theory on the use of an universal ghost box stream.

There is no obligation to participate and we understand experiments have taken place in the past and will take place like ours in the future. We use the ghost box on a regular basis during our investigations, live stream, and television appearances / current productions and we look forward to an ongoing experimentation.

We have been conducting online interactive experiments for 8+ years and interactive ghost box sessions for 7, but this is our most exciting experiment yet!

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You can Join LiveParanormal / for a public event 6/23

**You do not need to join us at Poasttown to participate** We will be streaming our ghost box session  LIVE from Poasttown as the OFFICIAL Headquarters of Ghost Box weekend #1. Participants can conduct their experiment from any location, home, building, etc they pick! 

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Map of completed participants (We would like submissions within 10 days of experiment)
About Ghost Box Weekend - Rob Szarek

Tim Woolworth Talks about Ghost Box Weekend

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Participants will each receive a "home page" and will be listed in the directory once completed

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