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I've always been sensitive to some activity from the other side all my life, good and bad.  Recently I have tought myself how to stay positive by thinking positive and to try and surround myself with mind like people.  This way I will only allow postitive light into my life.  

I have had many experiences although too many to explain, so I'll begin with the most recent.  A few months ago I had a few friends over some of them stayed at my place because we were drinking.  IN The morning I went to feed my cat and the bucket which was sealed with cat food in it had been filled with water ( the dish that I scoop the food with was on top of the food but filled up with water).  I thought nothing of it and just assumed one of my friends were playing a prank on me.  I only noticed that the rest of the food had water at the bottom and it went mold,  so I had to throw out the entire bucket of food.  

Right after throwing out the food that very same night I had a few friends over from work and before we went out one of the girls said " you don't have ghosts in here right? Because if you do they will come to me amd wake me up because I'm very sensitive"... I said nothing bad Lives here.  And all my work friends laughed and went out the door.  

When the night ended we all came back to my place and crashed.  That very same morning I went to scoop the dish from the " bag " of cat food.  I kept it in the Paper bag because I had gotten rid of the bucket.  Well as I scooped the food and started to sprinkle it on the large flat dish ( flat dishes help cats eat slowly ) the food went into the dish and began to float on water.  I looked a little closer and realized that the dish had been filled up with water to the top.  There was no way someine could fill up this dish and bring it over to the floor, as I was dumping it, it was spilling everywjere. 

Then I came to the conclusion that this was not a trick a friend had played on me, simply for the fact that different friends had stayed over each time.  Then I went over to the single couch and it was soaked with water, almost looking like someone had urinated on it.  It didn't smell like urine my friends were still passed out and nothing wet on them.  So it was all just strange.

The only thing that I can really gather from all of this is that there is something that doesn't like it when I have people stay over and crash.  And the wet couch is like they tried to make it look like someone urinated on my couch so that I would get angry and not want anyone to come over again.  But I'm on it and I know for a fact that it wasn't my friends.  I felt like I was going crazy!!

What do you think? 

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