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I don't know where to start. I guess; I'll start when I had my first ghost encounter when I was younger. I was visiting my grandparents from my dad's side of the  family they was also all present, including my great grandparents. I swear; every time were all together, I would have a  paranormal experience.  Well; as we were all playing cards, or talking to neighbors, my grandparents lived in a small trailer home where everyone knew everyone.  I remember; she was telling me, that she saw some poltergeist activity recently, like towels being moved from her kitchen counter. Of course; I didn't know what that word meant, poltergeist, like I do now.  I like to use the term; "noisy ghost" or "Mad spirit" as they like to throw things like someone living would do when they're mad. Anyway; from what I can recall, I was left alone, while everyone else went outside, (or so I thought I was alone), Suddenly; what sounded like, was evil, sinister like laughter, coming from right behind me. So; I jumped up, and turned around, but saw no one was there, as everyone was outside.  So; from that day, I realized I have this gift to hear spirits, which is Clairaudience, ability to hear sometimes see spirits. After; I ran out screaming like a girl, but that was just because I never heard a ghost before, that was the first time I ever ran from a ghost, and the last, after that, I wasn't so much afraid anymore. My grand mother who was also psychic, says you saw or heard something right? so I mentioned what happened, and she says it was someone who had killed himself, and after my last visit, their trailer home got hit with a weird storm and flooded. If you ask me; I  that place was cursed.

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