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The other day I had the chance to ask Chantal some questions about her life and the paranormal. I find her take on why we investigate at night the best answer I have ever heard.   I would just like to thank Chantal for the following interview. SO THANKS.
Mood: Calm
FamilyFirstParanormal · 28 days ago

This is one question I get annually for the last three years.  I find myself asking at least once a day to someone I either talk to online or text regularly.  My Friends from PRISMD are quite possibly fed up of reassuring me that they are going, my souther
Mood: Bouncy
ThatguyT · 13 days ago

Most people search for hours during a hunt or investigation to find a solid piece of evidence we can  agree upon that is paranormal.  Looking through a variety of pieces of evidence we find most are qualified as dust or noise contamination.  Yet there is o
Mood: Nerdy
ThatguyT · 20 days ago

So you've completed your investigation and it's time to pack up. You go home, review your evidence, and you end up with countless EVP, and whatever else. You determine that in fact the place you've investigated is most likely haunted. Well, now what? Ch
Mood: Contemplative
alpsyubasutter · 21 days ago

Just want to take a second to talk about how awesome my team is. First, 1L is almost always right. Which is awesome because apparently I'm wrong. Often. She's the best yin to my yang. 2L is great at what she does. She's a fun addition to the team. Together
Mood: Pleased
JMSpear · 29 days ago

Welcome to Ask Lei Lei! This is where you'll find the weekly Q & A's with your favorite obnoxious medium! Over the years I've been asked more paranormal / spiritual questions than I can count. I've been asked questions about my gifts, about spirits, ab
Mood: Content
ParanormalPI · 36 days ago
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Please ware headphones. EVP captured during an investigation in  Marietta GA. at The Cole Manor. 
0 members
4 hours ago · From JoeyBlackrose
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4 hours ago · From JoeyBlackrose
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4 hours ago · From JoeyBlackrose
RESTROOM7177 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA 925063-3-14My day started out like any other day. I wake up then take a shower and then get dressed and before I get in my car to head off to my job I make a b…
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14 days ago · From FamilyFirstParanormal
Phenomacon in Gettysburg by Ideal events

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My Paranormal Experience- LIVE Sat. 4/19 @ 9pm EST- Guest Dave Spinks
Categories: My Paranormal Experience 
Yesterday · From NikiParaUnNormal
3 days ago · From gettysburgghostgals
Join me in welcoming this pioneer of Spirit Boxes and Radio Sweep Technology.
4 days ago · From Cajun_Ghost_Hunter
4-20-14 Chris Sutton speaks to us about Spiritual and Supernatural Solutions
Categories: Paranormal Filler 
5 days ago · From wesforsythe
Warning labels on the Ouija Board
Categories: Archer Paranormal Radio 
5 days ago · From LMSchnur
BUTCH PATRICK shares personal haunting experiences on-air LIVE!!!!
Categories: The Ghost Host 
5 days ago · From peterjameslives
Paranormal field expert interview show (Part 2)!!!!
Categories: The Ghost Host 
12 days ago · From peterjameslives
Live Friday at 8pm EST GHB will have Josh Heard
Categories: Haunted Whispers Radio 
16 days ago · From GHB_GMPS
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Sue visits the castle once owned by the infamous Dudley family. Robert Dudley was said to be Queen Elizabeth I's lover. The ghost of his father and that of a black monk are said to haunt the ruins of this once glorious building.
26 days ago · From psychicsuzi
Sue tells us what to expect on a public ghost hunt..
32 days ago · From psychicsuzi
Portals and vortexes exist more abundantly than we are aware of, they serve as a more convenient way of bridging the inter-dimensional divide and enable all entities whether they are etheric or human to interact and experience the other planes of existence.
Categories: Between 2 Worlds 
39 days ago · From lunaorbis
Editor Rob Szarek on Huffington Post
45 days ago · From liveparanormal
This Weeks Featured LP Para Teams
Featured · Recent · Top · Popular Lewiston Clarkston Paranormal Research Society Email: Phone: (208) 791-1265 Website: Mission: …
Categories: Teams
74 days ago · From liveparanormal
We are a team of 4 that along with trying to find answers about life after death, we also want to help people find answers to what they are experiencing. Jason Manchester Founder Southeast Paranormal Investigators jason@southeastparanormalinvestigators…
Categories: Teams
119 days ago · From liveparanormal