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If the last name Holzer does not ring a bell then It is my duty to educate you before you look like a dummy when some one brings up the name. Most of what every paranormal investigator does at a location collecting evidence or communicating with the other
Mood: Giddy
FamilyFirstParanormal · 8 days ago

I just want to start off by telling you a little bit about my next guest. Her name is  Valentina and I would like to dive deep into her life as a Paranormal Investigator. This is part of her Bio on her website.     At the age of 13 she attracted a Polterge
Mood: Hopeful
FamilyFirstParanormal · 29 days ago

Heart attack victim: 'there is an afterlife'Posted on Friday, 21 February, 2014 41-year-old Brian Miller reported a vivid near-death experience when his heart stopped for 45 minutes.Technically dead for the better part of an hour, Miller recalls a fascinat
Mood: Accomplished
FamilyFirstParanormal · 53 days ago

  Evening everyone... I know this topic has been an ongoing event in the last few weeks all over social media/news, etc.. For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about it's regarding the crazy claims of the demonic activity from that house in Gary, In
psiteam · 68 days ago

 The story that I have to tell about this topic, is about none other than my spiritually gifted wife Carla. She is what the world understands to be a medium. And the story about how she has acquired these gifts, and grown with them, is truly amazing. It al
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liftingspirits · 71 days ago

The zombie powder is a substance used by Bokor (sorcerers), Voodoo practitioners in Haiti. Once the dust is breathed in the face of a person elected, it enters a state of trance or apparent death, so that the family presumed dead. After the funeral and sub
Motownparanormal · 72 days ago
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how about uploading the photo this time getting frustrated after the third try
0 members
2 days ago · From spiritwind
Abbeville SC Welcome Center. An apparition of a child named Mark we found out his name through the spiritbox. This was taken in the lobby area. I was doing what I always do and photographing everywher…
0 members
2 days ago · From spiritwind
Paranormal Smyrna in Georgia 
0 members
2 days ago · From JoeyBlackrose
Here is an example of the Shack Hack. A digital radio modified to scan constantly. Spirits in theory can manipulate the sound waves to answer our questions. The drawn out answer of “fourrrrrrrr”  afte…
0 members
3 days ago · From ParanormalPicker
Phenomacon in Gettysburg by Ideal events

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Bishop James long on
Categories: Press Releases 
2 days ago · From liveparanormal
SCARED! on the Airwaves
Categories: Press Releases 
2 days ago · From liveparanormal
I revisit Woodland, introduce Madewood, and relate EVP from God's messengers
4 days ago · From Cajun_Ghost_Hunter
Cell Block Psychic--controversy before the premiere
Categories: Archer Paranormal Radio 
6 days ago · From LMSchnur
ARCHIVE- My Paranormal Experience- 4/19 - Guest Dave Spinks
Categories: My Paranormal Experience 
7 days ago · From NikiParaUnNormal
8 days ago · From gettysburgghostgals
Join me in welcoming this pioneer of Spirit Boxes and Radio Sweep Technology.
10 days ago · From Cajun_Ghost_Hunter
4-20-14 Chris Sutton speaks to us about Spiritual and Supernatural Solutions
Categories: Paranormal Filler 
10 days ago · From wesforsythe
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Sue visits the castle once owned by the infamous Dudley family. Robert Dudley was said to be Queen Elizabeth I's lover. The ghost of his father and that of a black monk are said to haunt the ruins of this once glorious building.
31 days ago · From psychicsuzi
Sue tells us what to expect on a public ghost hunt..
37 days ago · From psychicsuzi
Portals and vortexes exist more abundantly than we are aware of, they serve as a more convenient way of bridging the inter-dimensional divide and enable all entities whether they are etheric or human to interact and experience the other planes of existence.
Categories: Between 2 Worlds 
44 days ago · From lunaorbis
Editor Rob Szarek on Huffington Post
51 days ago · From liveparanormal
This Weeks Featured LP Para Teams
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We are a team of 4 that along with trying to find answers about life after death, we also want to help people find answers to what they are experiencing. Jason Manchester Founder Southeast Paranormal Investigators jason@southeastparanormalinvestigators…
Categories: Teams
125 days ago · From liveparanormal
Administrator:         Edward Jamison Co-Administrator:    Matthew Wilcox About us:        We are a paranormal group of 6 full time and 3 part-time members. We do not charge for investigations or consultations, we are geared to help people in need that don't have anywhere else to turn to. All …
Categories: Teams
124 days ago · From liveparanormal