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Family First Paranormal Interview Lesia Miller Schnur 1.     Please tell us a little about yourself and the relationship you have with the Paranormal.   I’m a former librarian who practices law. I blog as “The Haunted Librarian” and co-host a weekly Intern
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FamilyFirstParanormal · 26 days ago

Interview with MJ Dickson of SAGE Paranormal Investigations Based in WEST MIDLANDS,UK  Please tell us a little about your self and the relationship you have with the Paranormal.    I WAS BORN IN ZIMBABWE AND MOVED TO SOUTH AFRICA WHEN I WAS AROUND 6 YEARS
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FamilyFirstParanormal · 40 days ago

Interview with Candy Nickens From: C.A.T. PARAPSYCHIC -Contact Afterlife Team of Parapsychics 1.  Please tell us a little about your self and the relationship you have with the Paranormal. Hi there and thank you for inviting me to this interview... My na
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FamilyFirstParanormal · 62 days ago
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Sue visits the castle once owned by the infamous Dudley family. Robert Dudley was said to be Queen Elizabeth I's lover. The ghost of his father and that of a black monk are said to haunt the ruins of this once glorious building.
22 days ago · From psychicsuzi
Sue tells us what to expect on a public ghost hunt..
137 days ago · From psychicsuzi
Portals and vortexes exist more abundantly than we are aware of, they serve as a more convenient way of bridging the inter-dimensional divide and enable all entities whether they are etheric or human to interact and experience the other planes of existence.
Categories: Between 2 Worlds 
144 days ago · From lunaorbis
This Weeks Featured LP Para Team
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Administrator:         Edward Jamison Co-Administrator:    Matthew Wilcox About us:        We are a paranormal group of 6 full time and 3 part-time members. We do not charge for investigations or consultations, we are geared to help people in need that don't have anywhere else to turn to. All …
Categories: Teams
224 days ago · From liveparanormal
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Tonights Guests: Jali Wright and Monet Lamartina
Categories: Paranormal I-Con LIVE 
5 hours ago · From liveparanormal
Upcoming guest schedule for August
Categories: Paranormal Filler 
8 hours ago · From wesforsythe
8-3-14 Nigel Kerner, author of Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls
Categories: Paranormal Filler 
5 days ago · From wesforsythe
Robin Bellamy will discuss the Tina Resch case
Categories: The Wicked Domain 
5 days ago · From AlexM
7-30 -14 Maryalyce Merrit and Healing with Sound
Categories: The New Normal Radio 
8 days ago · From Tchipakkan
Guest Ben Hansen from SYFY Fact or Faked
11 days ago · From angeleyes
BRIDGET MARQUARDT discusses personal ghost stories LIVE!!!!
Categories: The Ghost Host 
13 days ago · From peterjameslives
7-20-14 Paranormal investigation team Translating Phantoms
Categories: Paranormal Filler 
14 days ago · From wesforsythe
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Echovox session at Salt Sulphur Resort Guest House- Voodoo words and foreign languages were awesome to catch!
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30 days ago · From femmeforce
iOvulis session, REM-POD, and flashlight session with Cindie, Dave and Steve in the guest house.
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30 days ago · From femmeforce
  In Iowa you will find a small town that has a dark tragic past. On June 10, 1912 in Villisca, Iowa the Moore Family and two guests were brutally murdered. Years later Darwin and Martha Linn bought t…
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39 days ago · From balancedexistence