Please join Tchipakkan and Thor Halvorsen Wednesday evening on the New Normal
At some point many young people start noticing things we’d describe as magick, and try to learn more. Some explore on their own, some find books, others look in their community, a lucky few have family members who can teach them how it works, and how to develop their talents. (How to avoid easy mistakes!)
Everyone is psychic to some extent, with empathic or other talents. Some help comes from having a good grounding in folklore, and different religions can help or confuse the issue. Fairy tales have created sterotypes of witches as outlaws; every historical period has its own fears, whether Vikings or the atom bomb, the Black Death or AIDS, growing up is scary, and understanding magick can help you feel more in control of your world- but a misunderstanding can make you fear it.

Give me a call between 8 and 9 Wednesday 619-639-4606 (live only).

If you can’t make the live show 8-9- and have a question or comment, please feel free to write me a message and I’ll read it on the air.
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Youth and Perception of Magick 1-24-18 8 pm est