Scott Porter from Tennessee Wraith Chasers and Destination America’s Ghost Asylum and Haunted Towns joins us on Thursday April 5th at 9PM ET Live on THE EERIE VOICE.


In the summer of 1975 a hard headed, determined, analytical little boy was born to a deeply religious family in Gallatin, Tennessee.  Molded by a strict Missionary Baptist mother and father who made certain that Scott would use his brain to make a living and not his back, this member of the team spent eight years of his life dedicated to higher education prior to entering the corporate world. Scott experienced an unexplainable event that occurred one morning as Scott awoke to the smell of breakfast filling his boyhood home.  As Scott walked down the hall he noticed his mother wearing an unfamiliar pink robe while preparing breakfast at the stove.  After a quick splash of water on his face in the hallway bathroom he started to the kitchen and quickly noticed that the smell of breakfast had vanished from the air and his mother was nowhere to be found.  Once he thoroughly searched the house he picked up the phone and called his dad only to discover that both his mother and father had left the house much earlier that morning without ever having prepared breakfast. Scott now studies other strange occurrences like his and looks to historical record and The Bible for answers. He now hopes to help others that have had paranormal experiences by finding evidence that will substantiate what they have experienced, be it natural or supernatural.  Scott brings an extremely analytical mind to the team and quite often plays the devil's advocate when studying evidence. His biggest fear is an altercation with a physically violent apparition or an entity that desires to do harm to him or others.


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Scott Porter on THE EERIE VOICE 4/5/18 Live @ 9PM ET