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Darrell Whisman 


Poasttown Elementary School


Tune in Tuesday February 20th at 9pm est. as I interview

the caretaker for Poasttown Elementary School.  This 

property has always been exciting and abundant with activity

even though it was a working school.  Now because of a land

dispute Darrell and his family may lose the place that they

love and call home.  Lets not let that happen as we are

trying to raise funds to buy this building outright so that not

only do the Whismans not lose their home but as a paranormal

community have a place to investigate.



Let's save this place for many more years of not only 

investigating but interacting with like minded people and 

also saving Darrell and Brenda's home.  If we all donated what we

spend on a coffee he would have what he needs to purchase this

property and save it from imminent damage or even yet being

torn down to build new properties.

Join me here on Liveparanormal, Tuesday at 9pm.



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