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LiveParanormal.com is the premier Internet community for all things Paranormal, Unexplained History, Sci Fi, Horror Movies, & More. Enjoy 24/7 live interaction with other like minded people from around the world! We currently offer over 50 different live radio & video shows that play nightly on our site and chat room.

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LiveParanormal & LiveParanormal.com is closing in on our six year Anniversary and we have enjoyed every minute of it! Our goal is to offer an un bias format for enthusiasts of all sorts to interact with each other. We appreciate all points of view and members here at LiveParanormal.com


LiveParanormal is the TRUE live interactive community! Our chat room is the only fully equipped multi media live chat room in this market! All members can "fire up" their webcam and mics and enjoy a true one of a kind experience!


About Robert Szarek Owner / Execitive Producer: Owner of LiveParanormal.com , Afraid TV, History FM Radio, History Pulse Radio Station, Unexplained Times E-Magazine. *Web design / marketing firm Prime Time Sites. Robert has been interested in the paranormal from a young age. He comes from a family that has openly embraces and discussed the paranormal. While attending Ohio University in the late 1990's he was able to do numerous investigations and attending many paranormal based discussion groups. In the early 2000's Robert had an Internet news column Apparitions (us) where he updated news columns submitted by top experts of that time. late 2007 Robert had the privilege to design and market web sites for many paranormal television personalities and also launched the LiveParanormal.com Community. It has been growing larger every day!


Robert has appeared on numerous nationally syndicated and internet radio programs. He has been the executive producer for over 4,000 radio shows and live events! Robert has also appeared on the national televised Anderson Cooper Day Time Talk Show. Dustin Pari and Robert conducted a live investigation of haunted Montacello, Florida and did the live reveal with Anderson Cooper on set for The Anderson Cooper show's Halloween Special.