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Live Ghost Hunt from Haunted Private Residence in Middletown,PA!

Live Ghost Hunt from Haunted Private Residence! Join’s own Eddie Simmers and Niki ParaUnNormal on this LIVE paranormal investigation of a private residence in Middletown, PA!

Live Paranormal Investigation from Roads Hotel!

Live Paranormal Investigation from Roads Hotel in Atlanta, Indiana. The Roads Hotel is located in Hamilton county. Roads Hotel was built July 25, 1893 and has made its mark on history as a hotel, brothel, speak easy, and boarding house. Many people, including John Dillinger and Al Capone have passed though the doors of this …

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Ashmore Estates Ghost Hunting with Real Paranormal Activity

Ashmore Estates LIVE Ghost Hunt on Live Paranormal. Real Paranormal Activity & Ghost Box Contact. History of Ashmore Estates 1857-1915 From 1857 until 1869, the Coles County Poor Farm was located in Charleston Township near the small town of Loxa, Illinois. In 1870, the county purchased 260 acres from A. N. Graham in Section 35 …

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Investigation Stream from Bell Nursing Home with Psychic Medium Doug Baker

Investigation stream from The Haunted Bell Nursing Home in Kimbolton Ohio. Watch as Live Paranormal’s own Rob and Niki are joined by Psychic Doug Baker and Bell Nursing Home’s Betsy Beatenhead. Still shot photo of rempod activity