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Chad Lindberg on Lost Limbs Radio 8/7

Chad Lindberg on Lost Limbs Radio 8/7 Hosted By Mike Couch

David Oman on Spotlight 7/31 Spotlight Radio Hosts: Rob Szarek & NikiParaunnormal Time: 7/31  10:30pm est Guest: David Oman of the famed “Oman House” SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Coming tonight! Check out his awesome event Wanna go into a Real Life Haunted House? Wanna go on a ‘Ghost Hunt’ like on TV? Here’s your chance, to go to one of …

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Sergey Poberezhny of Paranormal State on Paranormal Spotlight Radio 7/17/18 Presents… Live Paranormal Spotlight Radio 7/17/18 10:30pm est Hosts: Rob Szarek & Niki Paraunnormal Guest: Sergey Poberezhny of Paranormal Stat Listen and chat LIVE only on    Ask a question! Visit us on facebook to leave your question for Sergey! The post will be pinned to the top! Join us LIVE Tuesday July 17th 2018 …

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Brendan Shay on THE EERIE VOICE 7/12/18 Live @9PM EST

Brendan Shay on THE EERIE VOICE 7/12/18 Live @9PM EST Spotlight Radio July 10th 2018 Spotlight Radio Hosts: Rob Szarek & Niki ParaUnNormal July 10th 2018 10:30pm est only on Join Hosts Rob and Niki as they discuss the paranormal activity from their latest investigations and the Keighley Mansion and speaking with Historian and Ancestry Expert Chris Walsh.    

Mike Couch on LiveParanormal Spotlight Radio 6/26 Spotlight Radio 6/26/18  10:30pm est Host: Rob Szarek & Niki Paraunnormal Guest: Mike Couch, Lost Limbs Foundation Listen and chat LIVE Mike Couch is an above-the-knee amputee, founder of the Lost Limbs Foundation, and published author who writes about the medical condition that ultimately led to his leg amputation. He also writes about his …

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