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Paranormal Spotlight Radio- Guest: Rick Waid

Paranormal Spotlight Radio Show on Live Every Tuesday at 10:30pm EST Hosted by Niki ParaUnNormal & Rob Szarek Guest: Rick Waid- Author, Psychic Medium and LiveParanormal Radio Show Host! 

LiveParanormal Spotlight Radio- Guest Steve DiSchiavi (The Dead Files)

Join Rob Szarek and Niki ParaUnNormal for LiveParanormal Spotlight Radio – tonight’s guest Steve DiSchiavi- Retired Homicide Detective and Co-Host of “The Dead Files” (Travel Channel).

Paranormal Spotlight-Special Guest-Chip Coffey-Niki Paraunnormal & Rob Szarek

FEATURED ARCHIVE Paranormal Spotlight Radio Show on Hosted by Rob Szarek & Niki ParaUnNormal SPECIAL GUEST: CHIP COFFEY!!

Investigation Stream from Bell Nursing Home with Psychic Medium Doug Baker

Investigation stream from The Haunted Bell Nursing Home in Kimbolton Ohio. Watch as Live Paranormal’s own Rob and Niki are joined by Psychic Doug Baker and Bell Nursing Home’s Betsy Beatenhead. Still shot photo of rempod activity