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I just want to start off by telling you a little bit about my next guest. Her name is  Valentina and I would like to dive deep into her life as a Paranormal Investigator. This is part of her Bio on her website.     At the age of 13 she attracted a Polterge
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FamilyFirstParanormal · 148 days ago

Hey guys! So I know I have the whole about me section that goes into great detail about what I do and don’t do, but some of you just want specific answers to specific questions, so for you guys here is the big breakdown. If you have a question about abili
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The other day I had the chance to ask Chantal some questions about her life and the paranormal. I find her take on why we investigate at night the best answer I have ever heard.   I would just like to thank Chantal for the following interview. SO THANKS.
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FamilyFirstParanormal · 153 days ago