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I am a single parent of three. I've been going through a ton of struggles. Although I know that I am growing from them as well. The other day, I thought to myself that there will be a transformation from a dandelion (weed) to the most beautiful tallest gorgeous flower that one could ever imagine and that's filled with light. Not that I'm ugly especially not inside but my life has been extremely trying to say the least. I have ptsd from sexual trauma and have been homeless for years. The tightest part is my children. I believe it will all work out and keep promising them, I feel that I keep letting them down. They can't possibly understand why. Deep down I know it will work out, but at the same time, I'm losing hope, losing myself and can't find my way home. It seems to be that those who "get it" seem to have more struggles that those who go through life clueless to all that's really available. I could really use a little advice or reminding of the true meaning of life and v that faith, belief and love are the most important.  I need a bit of a push back into the right direction. Bless you all. Thank you Erik. I love you!

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