Jax Menez Atwell – Missing in Alaska – Live Paranormal Spotlight Radio

Live Paranormal Spotlight Radio

When 2/12/19 10:30pm est

Hosts: Rob Szarek & Nicole Novelle

Guest: Jax Menez Atwell  – Missing in Alaska

Listen LIVE: www.liveparanormal.com

Jax has more than ten years of investigative experience in law enforcement agencies in Arizona and California. His investigative law enforcement experience and training include under-cover operations, narcotics, SWAT, person and property crimes, etc. Jax has been a private investigator since 2008 specializing in the hard to solve cases such as cold cases, civilian, business and government investigations.

Additionally, Jax was part of a team of three that explored cases of missing people in History Channel’s “Missing in Alaska.” When Jax is not perusing the truth in his investigations he finds time to throw himself at acting roles. He has been in a number of productions since 2013. No matter whether it’s on an investigative team or on-set of a motion picture, Jax brings with him a lot of energy, enthusiasm and a fierce work ethic.

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