The Supernatural Symposium Episode #5 2/11/19

The Supernatural Symposium

Episode  5

2/11/19 8pm est

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On episode #5 of #TheSupernaturaSymposium Justin Brown interviews paranormal investigator Melissa Tanner, psychic Vanessa Hogle and skeptic Nibu Augustine in an effort to create a panel of experienced individuals in their field of work to discuss the application of science when conducting a paranormal investigation. Can science be used to examine phenomena that are defined as being beyond the scope of scientific understanding? Is there an issue with the very definition of paranormal? We will take a closer look and discuss the topic by airing out the opinions of this very diverse panel in order to understand the controversial nature of using science to investigate the paranormal so we can find ways to bridge the gap between conflicting viewpoints and strengthen the paranormal community. Will we find common ground? Find out Monday, February 11th at 8 PM EST only on #LiveParanormal.