Steve Hummel on Spotlight Radio

10/2/18 LiveParanormal Spotlight Radio

Rob Szarek & Nicole Novelle

10:30pm est

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Guest: Stephen Hummel is a member of the YouTube webseries Paranormal Quest, a Paranormal Historian, Haunted Relic Archivist, Author, Artist, former tour/paranormal guide at the former West Virginia State Penitentiary. Steve, from a young age, recalls being fascinated by ghost stories and after experiencing a few unexplained events his interest in the paranormal grew. Steve spent 11 years conducting day / paranormal tours at the former West Virginia State Penitentiary. He is the co – founder and co – producer of the YouTube channel Paranormal Quest “This Is Reality”. Since November of 2011, Steve has collected hundreds of residually charged and spiritually haunted items for his museum known only as the Archive of the Afterlife “the National Museum of the Paranormal”. Steve is also an ordained minister with his focus based on Spiritual Cleansing and Demonology. He bases this Spiritual Warfare Calling from his studies at Warner Southern University and Omega Bible Institute & Seminary. Steve’s passion and interest for helping those in need stems from demonic attacks that a family member suffered from. Some of Steve’s experience and involvement includes having been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on Destination America’s “Ghost Asylum”, A & E’s “My Ghost Story, Paranormal Quest “This is Reality” & Haunted Magazine